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published2 months ago
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Despite advanced fertility treatments like IVF, age remains the single most important factor in fertility. Older eggs are more likely to contain genetic abnormalities, as errors in their DNA occur during cell divisions.

Once an egg's DNA is damaged, it cannot be fixed, and the egg cannot be fertilised.

There is no test to measure the quality of your eggs; all you know is that you're not getting pregnant...And every month, you can feel your biological clock ticking. You tried everything, but nothing seems to work. You still don't have the answers...

In today's episode, I'll teach you 5 ways to help improve your egg health and simple tips to change the way you eat.

Watch now and learn how to improve egg quality

Remember , YOU are your most important asset in life.

If you're fed up with feeling overwhelmed and want anything to change - you have to take action and regain control of your fertility.

It takes 3 months to optimise your egg health. So start now!

Focus on things you can do that are within your control.

With so much love and hope❤️,


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